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An independent body

Following the ratification of Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (OPCAT), adopted on 18 December 2002 at the fifty-seventh session of the General Assembly of the United Nations by resolution A/RES/57/199, French Parliament passed a law (loi N° 2007-1545) to set up a “contrôleur général des lieux de privation de liberté”, an independent public body in charge to control all the places where people are deprived of liberty, and check that all the fundamental rights of people in these places are. The Parliament gives him the statute of an independent public body.

Under these considerations, the “contrôleur général des lieux de privation de liberté” has to accomplish his tasks, with a whole independence:

  • He cannot receive any instruction from any authority;
  • He is nominated for six years, and cannot be neither removed nor renewed;
  • He cannot be prosecuted for his opinions he formulates or for the actions he carries out in his functions;
  • He is not allowed to carry out any other duties or elected mandates;

The “contrôleur général des lieux de privation de liberté” is helped by an experienced and multi-disciplinary team, which is made up of:

  • A general secretary;
  • Twelve full time appointed “contrôleurs”;
  • Nine part time “contrôleurs”, who give their expertise to the job;
  • Four assistants, in charge of management.

The “contrôleur général”, and all his team, are compelled to professional secrecy. They also are bounded by an absolute duty of impartiality.

Download the Law 2007-1545 of 30 October 2007 (Consolidated version as on 24 December 2014)

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