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Why to submit a case ?cour-de-promenade-dun-cra

The “contrôleur général des lieux de privation de liberté” may be referred by everybody who wish to inform him on state:

  • Which undermines fundamentals rights of people who are deprived of freedom;
  • Related to the management of a place, to the behavior of staff or other deprived of freedom people.


Who can submit a case ?

The “contrôleur général des lieux de privation de liberté” can be directly referred by:

  • Those interested, people who are deprived of freedom, their relatives, their families, or their avocates, staff, and everybody who works in these places;
  • NGO or any other organization which is in charge of protecting fundamental rights;
  • Government or MPs, and other Public independent authorities;
  • The “contrôleur général” may also self referred.


How to submit a case ?

  • By mail to the following address:

    Contrôleur général

    des lieux de privation de liberté

    CS 70048

    75921 Paris cedex 19

    Mails are addressed to the “contrôleur général “under closed letter. These correspondences cannot be controlled by the authorities who managed the places. It is the same for the letters of the “contrôleur général”



  • Directly, during the visits:
    People who are deprived of liberty, their relatives, those who work in the place, staff, can request an interview with the “contrôleur général” or one of the member of his team. Visits, when scheduled, are announced by posters displayed in the places.
    The “contrôleur général” can have any talk with anybody he wishes he meet. These interviews are strictly confidential.
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